The new logo-mark features an olive tree and cross enclosed in an arched shape which represents a window. Counselling can provide a new perspective and an opportunity for growth and change while the window symbolizes clarity and enlightenment. Both are important aspects of PCC’s counselling approach.

The olive tree symbols peace, wisdom, and growth, and represents PCC’s commitment to faith-based values and principles. In the Bible, olive trees were often used to symbolize hope and new beginnings, such as when Noah sent out a dove from the ark, and it returned with an olive branch, signalling the end of the flood. (Genesis 8:11).

Together, the window and olive tree represent the belief that counselling can provide new opportunities for growth and transformation, while also offering peace, wisdom, and hope. We hope that the community will be inspired by this symbolism, and feel supported as they embark on their journey towards healing and self-discovery.

by Cassie Friesen, Co-founder of