Paul Penner

M.A. Counselling, CPCS
Couples therapy
EMI therapy
Family therapy
Individual therapy
Marriage therapy

Paul has been practicing as a full time professional counsellor since 1986 and moved to Morden in 1997 to continue counselling with Pembina Counselling Centre as Executive Director. He has since changed roles as our Clinical Director. Training at Grace Seminary, IN and Providence Seminary (formerly Winnipeg Theological Seminary, MB), provides a view of people, problems, and solutions that offers hope to all, no matter the situation. His aspiration and personal mission is to value people investing his time, energy and resources in order to awaken their capacities, to enrich what has been awakened, and to  empower  people toward their potential, as far as he has a role in doing so.

Over the years, Paul has sought training that equips him to work with a broad range of problems. Some examples include: issues of addiction; mood disorders including depression, anxiety and anger; parenting concerns; spiritual issues; marital and family problems; communication; crisis intervention; critical incident stress management; eating disorders; grieving; issues of abuse, Eye Movement Integration Therapy and more.  Paul finds it a great privilege to be entrusted with the concerns of clients and to connect & ally with them in their efforts to get help.