Diana Suderman

M.A. Counselling, CPC
Available by Phone
Individual therapy

Diana started her work with PCC in 2004, almost 20 years ago as a receptionist, prior to beginning her graduate studies in counselling. After graduating in 2010 with a Masters in Counselling degree, Diana has been working in the southern Manitoba area, where she especially enjoys working with women, international clients (being an immigrant to Canada herself), and working with parents of special needs children (drawing on her own experience of raising a child with autism). She is fluent in Spanish.

Diana offers a warm, friendly and nonjudgmental approach to her counselling, allowing her to quickly establish a strong and trusting relationship with her clients. Diana enjoys helping clients through transitional periods, such as different types of grief and loss. She draws from a variety of therapeutic approaches customizing on her client’s needs, but mainly works from a cognitive-behavioural and attachment approach with an emphasis on trauma-informed care. Diana also works on maintaining focus of building from the client’s strengths, empowering and encouraging clients, and focusing on hope.

Diana considers it an honour when a client allows her to come alongside them through their therapeutic journey. She recognizes the courage it takes to work on one’s mental health, and values the trust and vulnerability client’s entrust to her.