Christine Elias

M.A. Counselling, CPC
Available in Morden
Family therapy
Individual therapy

Christine has been counselling at Pembina Counselling Centre since 2018. She holds a Masters degree in Counselling. Christine is a wife and mother of four, who has made her home in this community for more than twenty years.

As a teenager and young adult, Christine had always felt pulled in the direction of the social sciences and imagined that one day she would become a trained helper and person who encourages. Throughout her life, Christine has often found herself on the receiving end of other people’s personal stories. It is these experiences and Christine’s love for people that have developed into her passion for accompanying others as they work through life’s challenges. Christine has been described as a good listener, who is kind, caring, and non-judgmental.

Christine believes in working together with her clients; providing them with a safe place, a fresh perspective, practical tools and strategies, and support. Christine finds it a privilege to collaborate with her clients as they make changes and work towards their personal goals.

Christine approaches her work as a counsellor with a humble confidence. A confidence that what she has learned and experienced through her own life experiences and through her education at Providence, is valuable and has equipped her to be helpful to others. And the humility to hold loosely what she thinks she knows; with the recognition that she will continue to learn from those with whom she journeys.