Brent Thiessen

M.A. Counselling, CPC
Available in Morden + Winkler + Altona
Couples therapy
Family therapy
Individual therapy
Counsellor, Brent Thiessen

Brent grew up in the Pembina Valley. He has enjoyed supporting his hometown community since he started at Pembina Counselling Centre in 2020. He spent much of his childhood living at Winkler Bible Camp and his adolescent and young adult years working there, where he first learned of his love for building into other’s lives. This eventually led to a passion for psychology completing his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of Alberta, all leading to the completion of his Master of Arts in Counselling from Providence Theological Seminary in 2020, combining his love of psychology, conversation, and helping others.

Brent takes a balanced approach to counselling that acknowledges the entirety of the person: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual domains. Everybody deserves to experience care and support. Brent’s counselling philosophy centers on creating a supportive and safe relationship that focuses on listening, allowing you to explore your thoughts and feelings in collaboration with relevant counselling techniques, fostering personal growth and the tools needed to manage your current problem. This process will hopefully promote future independence that allows you to manage future problems within your own community of support.

Brent has a diverse clinical and education experience. Areas of experience include grief, anxiety, depression, emotional regulation, human development, trauma, chronic pain, spiritual well-being, attachment, life transitions, parenting, family, marriage and couples. Brent wants to provide a helping hand through your difficult time, to help you heal and grow through your experience.