Change can Happen

We are all on a journey…

Everyone needs a place to feel heard, talk through what’s going on in life or just a chance to problem solve and process with somebody else.

For others, supportive counselling may take longer to work through issues.

Safety, Acceptance,Respect

Not everyone goes to counselling for the same amount of time. Often people question, “Is this something I should do? Is this something wrong with me? How bad does my issue have to be in order to come?”

There are times when we need someone to help us along our way. Who we look to in those times is important.

Our Commitment to you

Regarding clients… We believe every person is worth understanding and respectfully provide service
to all clients regardless of race, gender, beliefs, status or sexual orientation.


We believe that restoring individuals and relationships has eternal
value for good and is the primary reason for our being.

Our Mission

We exist to help individuals who are struggling personally or in relationships, to gain direction and find lasting hope.

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