Core Value

Commitment to Confidentiality

PCC handles all information in strict confidence. PCC staff will only have access to your information as required. However, clients are advised that a legal obligation exists to report information in certain circumstances. A PCC staff member will discuss privacy and confidentiality at your initial consultation.


We hold our staff and volunteers to a high standard of professional conduct and treat them with respect.

Clinical Practice

We base our counselling intervention on a sound theoretical framework that places higher value on addressing causes rather than symptoms.


We will operate in ways that respect the role of our society members, referral base, support base, client base, staff and community at large.


We believe every person is worth understanding and respectfully provide service to all clients regardless of race, gender, beliefs, status, or sexual orientation.

Personal Faith and Practice

We hold ourselves accountable to the teachings of the Bible and bear witness to the hope which lies in the good news of Jesus Christ as Saviour for the world.


We provide services to all people on a not-for-profit basis, depending on God and His people for resources.