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What about depression? Did you know that it has been estimated that 10% of Americans are depressed at any given time? That would be about 3 million Canadians and about 30 million Americans. Lots of people are feeling less than 100%. Sometimes we don’t even know we are depressed –…

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Understanding our fears… Fear has many faces! …Imagine the following feelings – terror, dread, apprehension, horror, panic, despair, dismay, helplessness, hopelessness, anxiety, worry, and simply being afraid. Scary lot aren’t they!? Some people actually live for long periods of time under these emotions. I have felt most of these feelings;…

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In pursuit of happiness! Spring is a time for new life. How it invigorates me to step outside and see life being forced out of the ground in sprouts of green! The warm air and smells of earth punctuated with birds chirping and kids playing on the streets. It calls…

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Made to Remember

Made to remember… “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”. And then it goes on to say ‘He created us ‘male and female’ in His image’ (Genesis 1:27). Some people have difficulty believing that God created the world in 6 literal days as Exodus 20:11 and Genesis…

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Science and Faith

Science & Faith… I was listening to a news clip from NBC the other night and observed Ronald Reagan (son of former President Reagan) very passionately opposing the presentation of creation and / or intelligent design in the public school because as he said “it is not science”. He was…

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